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Great experience for visitors to Ba Na Hills Resort


40km southwest of Da Nang, Ba Na Hills Resort is 1,487m above sea-level. Mt. Ba Na has long been considered almost heavenly thanks to the temperate climate with four seasons within a single day, unspoiled forest and a spectacular view of Da Nang.

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A special characteristic of the resort is that it is often above the clouds so visitors feel they are floating on a misty sea. The glorious sights of the sea, Da Nang city and the green rice paddies on the horizon from the top of the mountain make the viewers feel like there really is a different life as they enjoy the happiness of the things that are never known in a bustling urban lifestyle.

The cable car provides a bird's-eye view, and the ride evokes a feeling of flying amidst the clouds with breathtaking views of the lush rainforest and waterfalls from the foot of Mt. Ba Na to the crest of neighbouring Vong Nguyet Hill (Admiring Moon Hill). At the top of Vong Nguyet Hill is the Linh Ung Pagoda with its 27m tall Buddha. In its courtyard, the pagoda has a special pine tree with different kinds of needles. The resort is most wonderful at night as the colorful lights illuminate the cold misty night creating magical feelings.

There is a variety of accommodation; villas, hotels, guesthouses and bungalows and restaurants. The combination of fresh air, stunning mountain, views, the modern cable car and good accommodation makes Ba Na resort an ideal place for relaxation. The resort plays a key role in promoting tourism in Viet Nam, especially Da Nang,  and attracts many domestic and foreign visitors every year. It is expected to become a leading attraction in the central region.


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